CAPSTN2 Game. Recommended to play in Fullscreen.

Note: FPS counter is not reliable in browsers and Quit/Exit will freeze the game. Close the tab or your browser to close the game instead.

Help Alex graduate by managing their time and needs in a 4 week period. It has 3 endings to experience and cute art to enjoy.

Manage your weekly physical health and well-being as a college student struggling to achieve their ambitions in school and work! Maintain healthy habits such as exercising, journaling, and relaxing in order to gain energy for you to achieve your goals. Work smart and feel empowered as you grasp success! And remember, self-care is an essential part of accomplishing your goals!

You can download an installer available for Windows, link down below.


  • Designer
    • Soliveres
  • Artist
    • Berran
    • Severino
    • Tiu
  • Programmer
    • Soliveres
    • gotnothing


LittleRoutines-1.0.3-Installer.exe 32 MB

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